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The Notebook(s)

I’ve started carrying around a notebook. I’ve always had a few at home for moments of inspiration or for writing out first drafts, but I never carried one around with me. When I moved to New York, my mom gave me a huge box full of notebooks from my childhood and when I was a … Continue reading

Inspired By…

This is Roald Dahl. He wrote The BFG, James and the Giant Peach, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, among a slew of other classic children’s novels with a dark side. He was one of my biggest influences growing up as a kid, both reading and writing as much as I could. I think he … Continue reading

Brother Sister Hardcovers!

I received hard covers of Brother SisterĀ earlier this month. They look just as good as I thought they would. Just seeing them in piles around apartment makes their release all the more imminent, and I’m equal parts nervous and excited. I worked hard on this one, and holding it in my hands, flipping through the … Continue reading