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End of Summer Blues

It’s the end of the summer, guys. I know, I know. I’ve been putting it off in my mind for the last three months too. But there are some serious pluses to summer being over. Don’t believe me? Well let’s see here…The weather is going to drastically cool down. So there’s that. That’s all I … Continue reading

Two Face

I’m not crazy about a few things. But rarely do I truly dislike something, especially a person. I try to not waste time on negative energy. I do have a shortlist however. I hate it when there is hair in my food. I can’t stand bars that only serve three different kinds of beer ie … Continue reading

Positive Influence

One of my greatest influences as a teenager was James Bond. Sean Connery was my favorite. He had so much style. I’d watch those movies (Dr. No and Goldfinger, especially), and my teenage-boy self knew that emulating Connery’s Bond should be my purpose in my life. It’s not a new idea–idolizing the suave, sweet talking … Continue reading

More Importantly.

I recently went to the MET (as I promised I would in my last post), and I saw an exhibit of Alexander McQueen’s work called Savage Beauty. He was an absolute genius, the kind that artists like myself aspire to be. Though I’m a writer and he’s a designer, our job of self expression, creation, … Continue reading

A chubby animal, and other thoughts

I have a cold, so I stayed in today and I got to thinking about a few things while watching Futurama re-runs. (Who gets a cold in the middle of summer?) I think want to make a summer bucket list. I already know that going to MET and the ballet will be on there, but … Continue reading

The Notebook(s)

I’ve started carrying around a notebook. I’ve always had a few at home for moments of inspiration or for writing out first drafts, but I never carried one around with me. When I moved to New York, my mom gave me a huge box full of notebooks from my childhood and when I was a … Continue reading

Inspired By…

This is Roald Dahl. He wrote The BFG, James and the Giant Peach, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, among a slew of other classic children’s novels with a dark side. He was one of my biggest influences growing up as a kid, both reading and writing as much as I could. I think he … Continue reading

Beached Whales

I’m Sean. I write books. I read books. More importantly, however, I just got off the phone with my cousin Beatrice who lives on the Oregon Coast. She said she sees beached whales all the time, and watches on her deck while people pour water onto them and try to push them back out to … Continue reading