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Inspired By…

People like to know what authors and books and inspire them. One of my favorite parts of my job is that people are interested in what makes me tick and I love to share where I find the motivation to write and to keep writing. I hope the models I list here will help other … Continue reading

Guilty Pleasures

I haven’t done a fashion post yet, and I think it’s time I did. It’s time that I admit that I enjoy getting dressed in the morning. Picking out the perfect pair of shoes, the right jacket, jeans that fit just right…I enjoy the whole process. Both my parents are really sharp dressers and I … Continue reading

Strangers in a Strange Land

I have been wandering around the East Village for the past couple days scoping out places to shop and eat and I’ve come up with a list. I had a criteria for what I was looking for: cozy, locally or family owned, or at least has been in the neighborhood for a while, that look … Continue reading

Two Face

I’m not crazy about a few things. But rarely do I truly dislike something, especially a person. I try to not waste time on negative energy. I do have a shortlist however. I hate it when there is hair in my food. I can’t stand bars that only serve three different kinds of beer ie … Continue reading

Cooper Union

So my dog Cooper has a fan club. I’ve had him since he was a puppy. I got him back home, and when I decided it was time to finally move to New York, it seemed only logical that he would join me, even though my mom advised strongly against it. Mostly because she wanted … Continue reading

Totally (??) Prepared.

I’m going on vacation in August to see friends in Nashville, and I’ve already started thinking about what I’m going to pack. My essentials for vacation are pretty simple, but they are things I wouldn’t be able to leave home without. The first thing is a solid, well written, entertaining plot driven novel. Jeffery Robinson … Continue reading

States of Play

Photos from Coney Island and the game…

Summer Sessions

Hey its almost July! In honor of summer being (nearly) midway over, here are few places on my list of activities that I’ve vowed to complete before the leaves start falling off all the trees. 1. Walk in the length of the Highline park – Highline is a West Village historical marker. Its beautiful and … Continue reading

Summer Games I – Re do

My favorite part of summer is all the time I have to cook. BBQs, potlucks, candlelite, and any other kind of variety. I use the summer to experiment with taste and flavor and to try lots of new recipes. I’m gathering a makeshift cookbook made from old scraps of paper and notecards that always seem … Continue reading


A kickass cover of Teen Spirit with a kickass story to go along with it….The coolest thing you’ll watch today.