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Top Five

It’s the summer so I’m discovering new things that I’m falling in love with and rediscovering lots of old, but timeless, things. I’m keeping track of my favorites in a post I’ll call “Top Five”… These are just a few of things that have got my summer going in the right direction. June has been … Continue reading

Summer Games I – Re do

My favorite part of summer is all the time I have to cook. BBQs, potlucks, candlelite, and any other kind of variety. I use the summer to experiment with taste and flavor and to try lots of new recipes. I’m gathering a makeshift cookbook made from old scraps of paper and notecards that always seem … Continue reading

Party People

two fun photos from a potluck that two friends put on for their engagement party. about 20 close friends gathered in their cobble hill brownstone for delicious home made food compliments of the happy couple. there was also plenty of sugar cookie dough on hand and lots of playful cookie cutters for our enjoyment. cooper … Continue reading