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Baby Steps

I have a lot of goals for the fall. I have the normal ones: get out of the house more, excersize, spend less time on my computer. But I have special ones for me to. I want to learn a new language, I want to pay more attention to my beautiful puppy, and my wonderful … Continue reading

Book Talk

Here are the five books that got (and kept) me interested in the young adult genre, that formed my style and themes, and that I continually look to for motivation, inspiration, and models of YA thrillers that truly WORK 1. A Garden of Earthly Delights 2. I Know What You Did Last Summer 3. Any … Continue reading

Wear to Watch

Some of my favorite shots from The Sartorialist

Inspired By

On Sunday I’m helping a friend move to Manhattan on Sunday. The apartment she is moving into is pretty barren, and even though she’s a lawyer, she’s always had a talent for interior design. She helped me with my place, and I was pretty sure there was no helping it. But the spaces we occupy … Continue reading

Beach Housed

As promised: A few shots I took from my trip to Breezy Shores with my sister Shauna…all those red toes? Yeah, those are her’s, in case you were wondering 😉

Heat Stroke

As many of you know, there is something of a heatwave hitting NYC this week. I’m having serious trouble thinking of ways of overcoming it; there have been a lot of frantic/desperate calls to my mother telling her that I’m finally ready to come home, while she very calmly talks me out of it. Cooper … Continue reading

Essential Summer Food.

Here’s the thing. I don’t have AC right now, so I haven’t been sleeping really. What I’ve been doing instead is eating and going through old photos. I have box in one of my book shelves dedicated to old keepsakes from back home–photos, cards, drawings—things that remind me of my friends and family and my … Continue reading

Easy Breezy

For the past couple days I’ve been up on long island in a friend’s beach house. I will definitely post a slideshow soon of all our adventures but for right now I’m keeping the pictures under wraps. Let me just say that there were fireworks, candle lite dinners, a sailboat and the most amazing sunburn … Continue reading

Cooper Union

So my dog Cooper has a fan club. I’ve had him since he was a puppy. I got him back home, and when I decided it was time to finally move to New York, it seemed only logical that he would join me, even though my mom advised strongly against it. Mostly because she wanted … Continue reading

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