Born and raised in Wisconsin. Grew up listening to blues records with my dad, and reading detective novels. Started writing when I was a kid. My first story was about dinosaurs, but these days my material is a little darker. I am the author of Killing Britney, which won the 2005 ALA Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers.

When I’m not exploring the nightmarish side of teenage life, I’m riding my bike or watching film noir. My dog Cooper and I are big Robert Mitchum fans. I have picky taste in beer but take me to a flea market and you’ll find out that I’m a sucker for any good vintage leather jacket. These days I’m either trying to invent new ways to excite and freak out lovers of suspense and thrillers or I’m wandering around New York, waiting for adventure.

My new book, Brother Sister, comes out this June.



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