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Inspired By…

People like to know what authors and books and inspire them. One of my favorite parts of my job is that people are interested in what makes me tick and I love to share where I find the motivation to write and to keep writing. I hope the models I list here will help other writers and artists to find their own catalyst toward creativity.


1. Ernest Hemingway – try “Hills like White Elephants” for starters.

2. Agatha Christie – her handle on suspense and thriller is what I aspire to achieve

3. Roald Dahl – funny and scary and serious all at the same time; the perfect balance of the three

4. J.D. Salinger – wrote about New York in a way that forced me to come here, but understood my teenage years before I even stepped onto the island


1. Alfred Hitchcock – do I even need to explain this one?

2. Christopher Nolan – his heroes are always dark, and little disturbed, but then his audience always roots from them.

3. Robert Mitchum – probably the biggest noir star of the 50s and 60s and gave rise to the anti-hero character that I’m so fascinated with.

4. David Fincher – I hope thoroughly enjoying “Fight Club” isn’t a cliche yet.

More to come on books and music. Stay tuned!



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