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Guilty Pleasures

I haven’t done a fashion post yet, and I think it’s time I did. It’s time that I admit that I enjoy getting dressed in the morning. Picking out the perfect pair of shoes, the right jacket, jeans that fit just right…I enjoy the whole process. Both my parents are really sharp dressers and I was always asking my dad if I could borrow one of his ties or jackets or sweaters. He just has good TASTE, which is hard to come by. He know what fits his body–that’s basically the key to having good style. I like to think he passed some of his skill in the fashion department on to me, although I’m barely on his level.

I’ll tell you what I like right now: leather shoes, like brogues, wing tip oxfords, loafers, or boat shoes. I don’t have the courage to try seersucker, but if it’s done right, powder blue and white striped seersucker pants in the summer can do wonders for a wardrobe. I have shorts now too (!) but don’t worry they cover my thighs completely. On the other hands, they are yellow. Of course, I love a good leather jacket, but I’m putting that on hold until the fall. Right now my closet is filled with cuffed chinos and khakis and dark wash denim. For the fall I’m thinking lots of colorful socks, a few good cardigans, ties that I can wear in the daytime. My closet staple? Soft tee shirts I can wear anytime with any pants in every color.

A slideshow of some of my favorite mens’ style is soon to follow! Keep an eye out…



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