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Heat Stroke

As many of you know, there is something of a heatwave hitting NYC this week. I’m having serious trouble thinking of ways of overcoming it; there have been a lot of frantic/desperate calls to my mother telling her that I’m finally ready to come home, while she very calmly talks me out of it. Cooper sprawls out on the cool wood floors and I haven’t put on a shirt in days. But for me the heat is also really distracting and I have a really hard time working when all I’m thinking about is how hot I am. I like to get inspiration by hanging out around Brooklyn or the city but I can only do that for long before I need to sit down and be stationary. Its frustrating because I’m trying to take the summer to work on new things, and as much I love the sunshine I can’t wait for the rain and for the chance to breathe clean fresh air that will give me the energy and motivation to develop and maintain new projects. In the meantime: One of my favorite and most cherished views in New York.



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