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Strangers in a Strange Land

I have been wandering around the East Village for the past couple days scoping out places to shop and eat and I’ve come up with a list. I had a criteria for what I was looking for: cozy, locally or family owned, or at least has been in the neighborhood for a while, that look friendly and inviting and original—not necessarily the places that might appear in every guide book at Barnes & Noble but places that might only be spotted by really LOOKING at the neighborhood. Here is what I came up with, and I’d love to hear your additions too. Be kind to be if I’m totally off on these places—I’m still getting to know the city and wandering is the most effective way for us to get to know each other.

1. The Upper Rust – antique shop
2. Cloak and Dagger – boutique
3. Magic Fingers – vintage clothing
4. Village Style – vintage clothing
5. Butter Lane – cupcakes
6. Good Beer NYC – good beer (sidenote: spent about an hour in here)
7. Flower Power – herbs and roots (sidenote: picked up a nice treat for Cooper’s indigestion)
8. Caracas – tapas
9. Crif Dog – hot dogs (sidenote: topped off the afternoon with a hotdog and a budweiser…sometimes cheap beer is the best kind)
10. Neptune – polish cuisine (sidenote: you can smoke in the back)



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